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1 Purchase = 1 Week Supply of Nutritional Rich Porridge For a Child From a Household Earning Less than $1 a Day In Your City. Annual Membership Provides Clean Drinking Water To a Family Throughout the Year

Tuli Online Shop exists to promote healthier living choices for those seeking to advance their health. This is what wellness means to us. Unfortunately, not all in our society have the luxury of a choice. This is why we exist.




Each purchase from Tuli Online shop provides a packet of nutritionally packed porridge that  will provide a child from a home surviving on less than $1 a day with a balanced diet for a week. We have partnered with key millers to produce high quality flour fortified with essential vitamins and irons that promotes healthy physical and cognitive development of children


$0.03 A Day


As a thank you for trusting us, you get a discount of 25% off every purchase from our store. Your membership enables us to provide clean drinking water to families at risk of water borne diseases due to poor sanitation in their neighborhoods.

If you share our belief that all deserve optimum health and wellness despite their socioeconomic status, we'd love to chat! Drop Us a note and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We are eager to meet you.



Tuli online shop is your go to place for premium nutritional supplements and wellness products from authorized distributors at prices below your local pharmacy or health store.


With easy but discreet access to specialized health consultants 

and personal trainers, you have all the necessary tools to support you in making healthier life choices for a better quality of life.

Complete order by paying total amount in your basket to Paybill No. 773626, Account Name is the name of the product you have ordered i.e Immunace. For assistance call 0202500090

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