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Lack of Vitamin D in your Kid's Diet May Cause Them Mental Health Issues in Adulthood

Results from a recent research found that children who had vitamin D deficiency according to blood levels when they were in elementary school, scored higher on tests that detect behavioral problems in adolescence, compared to children who did not have vitamin D deficiency.

The specific problems for which they scored higher involved externalizing behavior, which refers to aggressiveness and a tendency to break rules.  Vitamin D-deficient children also had higher scores in some tests of anxious/depressed behavior compared to their non-deficient peers.

Childhood blood levels of the protein that transports vitamin D in blood were also related to behavior problems in adolescence, in generally comparable ways as vitamin D was.

Read full report on this interview by Eduardo Villamor, M.D https://bit.ly/2TXnFTp

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